Lorenzo Delgado (IH) coautor del libro "Science, Culture and National Identity in Francoist Spain, 1939–1959"

Se publica el  "Science, Culture and National Identity in Francoist Spain, 1939–1959", edición de Marició Janué i Miret  y Albert Presas i Puig. Entre otros autores, Lorenzo Delgado Gómez-Escalonilla (IH, CCHS-CSIC) ha contribuido como autor del capítulo titulado "Welcome to the Future! Science as a Tool for American Geopolitics in 1950s’ Spain"

This book examines the role that science and culture held as instruments of nationalization policies during the first phase of the Franco regime in Spain. It considers the reciprocal relationship between political legitimacy and developments in science and culture, and explores the ‘nationalization’ efforts in Spain in the 1940s and 1950s, via the complex process of transmitting narratives of national identity, through ideas, representations and homogenizing practices. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the volume features insights into how scientific and cultural language and symbols were used to formulate national identity, through institutions, resource distribution and specific national policies. Split into five parts, the collection considers policies in the Francoist ‘New State’, the role of women in these debates, and perspectives on the nationalization and internationalization efforts that made use of scientific and cultural spheres. Chapters also feature insights into cinema, literature, cultural diplomacy, mathematics and technology in debates on Catalonia, the Nuclear Energy Board, the Spanish National Research Council, and how scientific tools in Spain in this era fed into wider geopolitics with America and onto the UNESCO stage.


Science, Culture and National Identity in Francoist Spain, 1939–1959. Eds.: Marició Janué i Miret and  Albert Presas i Puig. Palgrave Macmillan, 2021 - XIX, 429 pp. - eBook ISBN 978-3-030-58646-1 - Hardcover ISBN 978-3-030-58645-4