The 2nd Internacional Conference of the UISPP Commission on Flint Mining in Pre-and Protohistoric Times

Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, CSIC

The meeting will address the technical aspects and technological organization of flint mining activities throughout pre- and protohistoric times. The scientific committee calls for papers on the following section topics:

1 MINING STRATEGIES: organization of mining exploitations; spatial organization of mining activities; time and timing of extractive activities; evaluating the intensity of mining activities; extractions oriented towards one raw material versus complementary exploitation of several resources.

2 TECHNICAL PROCEDURES AND MINING TOOLS: technical decisions involved in shaft/gallery mining; extraction methods; use of fire and other alternative methods of accessing to mineral; variability in mining tools; use, efficiency and abandonment of mining tools.

Organization: Social and Economic Prehistory Research Group.(IH, CCHS-CSIC)

Contact: uispp.cchs [at]