Jornada científica: "La otra Europa: Individuos y grupos de la Europa oriental y del y del Imperio Safaví en España"

The presence in Spain and the New World of the ‘Other Europe’ –that is, the Eastern Europeans and other communities under the aegis of the safaví‐ Persian dynasty, is virtually unknown. On the one hand, from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century, Spanish Monarchy did not conceive political links with Eastern Europe as a priority due to geographical distance; secondly, the relationship of the Spanish Monarchy with the Islamic world has been dominated by the Morisco issue and the Magreb regencies. Consequently, much of the territories of Eastern Europe (including the Polish Monarchy and the Russian Empire), the Balkan Europe, Anatolia and the Middle East, have traditionally been regarded as remote areas of Spanish influence.

The purpose of this preliminary workshop is to discuss how to place the individuals and networks of the ‘Other Europe’ in the framework of the new studies on foreign communities in Early Modern Spain and Spanish America.

Dirección: Óscar Recio Morales (UCM), José Cutillas Ferrer (Univ. Alicante) y Enrique García Hernán (IH-CSIC)

Organiza: Proyecto de Investigación Plan Nacional I+D+i MINECO “Los extranjeros y las reformas en la España borbónica: actitudes y respuestas de las naciones a las reformas carolinas desde una perspectiva comparada (1759‐1793)”, HAR2012‐36884‐C02‐02

Coordinado con: MINECO “Grupos de poder, comunidades e individuos del Norte de Europa en la Monarquía hispánica durante la Edad Moderna: integración y diversidad”, HAR2012‐36884‐C02‐01

Colabora: Instituto Polaco de Cultura, Madrid