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ConnecCaribbean no es sólo un proyecto de investigación sobre la historia del Caribe; representa una oportunidad para establecer vínculos más fuertes entre los territorios del Caribe, Europa y América Latina. El tema de investigación propuesto invita a trabajar en red para lograr considerables resultados comparativos y transdisciplinarios.

logo del proyecto

The development of twentieth-century Spanish art was traversed by different relationships between artists (as well as their production) and socio-political issues (as well as artistic renewals). These identities function as key filiations in order to understand cultural bonds, influences and impacts both inside and outside the country. Therefore, the main objective of the project is to follow and to analyze the aforementioned identities in relation to their ethical, ideological and aesthetic positions, considering the consequences of the outbreak of war in 1936. Such...