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Founded by Antonio García y Bellido in 1940 as a specialized branch of Archivo Español de Arte y Arqueología (1925), publishes one number per year with articles original and unpublished on Archaeology and Ancient History of the Mediterranean and European world. Its chronological limits run from Orientalizing culture to the late Roman world, accepting also papers dealing with the bordering phases, preceding or following. Also archaeological news and reviews on all these subjects are admitted.

Archivo Español de Arte es una revista científica que publica artículos originales, fundada en 1925 por la Junta para Ampliación de Estudios e Investigaciones Científicas. Está dedicada a la investigación de la Historia del Arte Español y extranjero en relación con España, desde la Edad Media a nuestros días. Va dirigida preferentemente a la comunidad científica y universitaria, tanto nacional como internacional, así como a todos los profesionales del Arte en general...

Culture & History Digital Journal features original scientific articles and review articles, aimed to contribute to the methodological debate among historians and other scholars specialized in the fields of Human and Social Sciences, at an international level.

Gladius is the most important Spanish scholarly journal devoted to the study of Ancient and Medieval Weapons, Military History, Warfare and Cultural Life in Europe, America and the East. It is an annually published scientific journal subsidized and supervised by the Hoffmeyer Institute for the Study of Ancient Weapons of the CSIC Institute of Archaeology of Mérida in the framework of a patronage made up by CSIC, Junta de Extremadura, Diputación de Cáceres, National Heritage, Caja de Extremadura and the Municipal Council of Jaraíz de la Vera. Gladius covers the following...

Founded in 1940, Hispania. Revista Española de Historia is a four-monthly publication devoted to the study of societies in the medieval, modern and contemporary periods. It is open to original work that fits within one or more of these three broad chronological frameworks, and does not restrict its contents along specific thematic or geographic lines. Since 1995, the journal has incorporated a Monographic Section into some of its issues, which has been commissioned from renowned historians from within and beyond Spain by the Editorial Board . It also includes an...

Hispania Sacra appeared in 1945. Since hen it has been publishing research articles on Religious History, following the course and changes in historiography. It is currently publishing articles written in Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese relating to the Hispanic World. It continues the task and orientation of Missionalia Hispanica.

Trabajos de Prehistoria is the Spanish Journal of Prehistory that appears most regularly. Created by Professor Dr. Martín Almagro Basch in 1960, it was a monograph series until 1968 when it was changed into annual journal. In 1994 it became the only semestral periodical of its speciality published in the Iberian Peninsula. The first issue comes out in June and the second in December. The continuous appearance of the journal, its general scope, and the quality of its content have given it a preeminent position in Iberia and an important one on the international scene. TP ...


La colección Artes y Artistas tiene como compromiso fomentar el conocimiento por cauces científicos de protagonistas y aspectos poco estudiados o mal conocidos de la historia del arte español y universal más próximo.

Colección Biblioteca de Historia

La colección Biblioteca de Historia renueva su formato.

Biblioteca de Historia del Arte

Biblioteca de Historia del Arte está integrada por estudios, individuales o colectivos, que responden a las necesidades de investigación y difusión de la de Historia del Arte, especialmente en relación con el arte español, sus conexiones y su entorno.

Bibliotheca Praehistorica Hispana

Bibliotheca Praehistorica Hispana (BPH) es una colección destinada a la publicación de monografías de investigación en el ámbito de la Prehistoria. Fundada por el profesor Dr. Martín Almagro Basch en 1958, se vinculó desde entonces al Departamento de Prehistoria del CSIC y ahora al Instituto de Historia del CCHS-CSIC. BPH está sujeta a la normativa que rige todas las publicaciones de Editorial CSIC.

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Entre las Colecciones publicadas por Editorial CSIC, Estudios Americanos. Tierra Nueva y Estudios Americanos. Perspectivas publican obras originales e inéditas que contribuyan a la difusión de la investigación científica y al conocimiento de América Latina y del espacio...