Internacional Conference: “Convivencia: representations, Knowledge and Identities (500 – 1600 a.d.)”

Plenary meeting room
Convivencia is traditionally the term for designing the cooperative and conflictual coexistence of Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities in the medieval Iberian Peninsula. The conference will study this phenomenon with regard to the interacting dimensions of representations, knowledge and identities. Representation stands for all forms of cultural production in art, religion, literature, science and law. Knowledge includes not only science but also forms of practical, social as well as other forms of knowledge. The concept of identity refers to the individual and collective imaging of the self and the other.

Scientific Committee of the Conference:
Felipe Criado-Boado, CSIC
Gerhard Wolf, MP Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florenz
Rivka Feldhay, Tel-Aviv University
Maribel Fierro, ILC, CCHS-CSIC
Mercedes García-Arenal, ILC, CCHS-CSIC
Eduardo Manzano, IH, CCHS-CSIC
Maria Rosa Menocal, Yale University
Jürgen Renn, MPIWG, Berlin

Organization: CSIC & Max Planck Society

Organizing Committee:
Felipe Criado-Boado, CSIC
José Juan Sánchez Serrano, CSIC
Mariano Gomez-Aranda, ILC, CCHS-CSIC
Michaela Zimmermann, MPG
Albert Presas i Puig, MPIWG/MPIKHI (Coordinator)

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