Congreso "MASONS AT WORK. Architecture and Construction in the Pre-Modern World"

University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

Opening Session: 30 March, 5:00 -7:30h. pm., G17 Cohen Hall
Presentations Continue: 31 March. 9:00h. - 6:30h. 
1 April, 9:00 - 1:15h., Cohen Hall G17 and Terrace Room
Participation: María Angeles Utrero (IH-CCHS) “Building Churches in the 8th-10th Centuries in the Iberian Peninsula. Technology and Context”
The symposium aims to assemble specialists in various fields to examine building practices in the pre-modern world, with an emphasis on aspects of construction and structure in ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, medieval, and early-to-middle period Islamic architecture. While some technologies and built forms may be shared across pre-modern cultures (such as vault construction or the use of centering), other may be specific to a single period or region (such as the use of concrete or structural ribs in vaulting). Papers will examine the problems pre-modern masons commonly encountered – and the solutions they developed – in the process of design and construction.
Sponsored by the Center for Ancient Studies
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