Nature, territory and cultural imaginaries (NATEIMA)

Researcher in charge​: Jesús Raúl Navarro García



The "Nature, territory and cultural imaginaries" Research Group focuses its work on the relationships between physical environment, human action and cultural processes in different periods and historical contexts. The spatial planning processes have been accompanied by the production of collective imaginaries, which have conditioned the link that human societies maintain with nature. The RG investigates the role that the different uses of water and fossil fuels have had in the configuration of historical landscapes, cultural cosmovisions and socio-environmental metabolism. This fieldwork links its interests to current issues such as ecological sustainability, the preservation of rural heritage or the management of natural resources. Finally, the IG aims to generate a transdisciplinary openness that interrelates the social and human sciences with the knowledge produced in other scientific areas of the CSIC.

The general objectives of the group can be summarised in two broad areas:

1. The study of issues related to public policies and citizen participation in relation to water, its relationship with development models and the environment, with the landscape, health and identity memory.

2. The creation of a transdisciplinary framework for dialogue between art history, aesthetic discourses and cultural criticism in the context of environmental humanities and energy humanities, which have been highlighting the relationship between petro-modernity and cultural imaginaries linked to industrial progress.


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