María Dolores Elizalde (IH) coeditora y coautora del libro "China's Development from a Global Perspective"

Martes, 28 Noviembre, 2017

Se publica el libro "China's Development from a Global Perspective" editado por María Dolores Elizalde (IH, CCHS-CSIC) y Wang Jianlang.

María Dolores Elizalde ha contribuido además como autora del capítulo titulado "China from the Perspective of an Unusual Spanish Diplomat: Eduard Toda, Consul at Macao, Hong Kong, Canton and Shanghai, 1875–1882".

For a long time, the idea of China as a culture and society which was voluntarily secluding itself from the rest of the world was dominant. But, in reality, China has always been part of the world, just as the world has always sought to penetrate China. The relationship between China and the world was, in the past, sometimes smooth, and at other times it was difficult, but nevertheless the bond remained alive.

This collection presents an analysis of China from a global perspective within a broad temporal and spatial spectrum. It reveals the early relations established between the Roman Empire and China, the dynamics developed with the countries of the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia and Japan, and the gradual path of Europeans and Americans towards China. The book reviews the development of diplomatic relations, the signing of agreements and alliances, and the rise and resolution of conflicts. It also analyses the forging of economic relations, the establishment of commercial exchanges and the creation of companies, professional bodies and institutions of collaboration.


China's Development from a Global Perspective. Edited by María Dolores Elizalde and Wang Jianlang. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017. 424 p.
ISBN (13): 978-1-4438-1670-0

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