Iberian Societies and Mediterranean Mountain Landscapes

Researcher in charge: Susana González Reyero


The Research Group (RG) studies the Iberian societies of the western Mediterranean in the broader context of cultural contact, colonialism and the social transformations associated with the formation of the Mediterranean states of the I millennium.

The RG focuses mainly on the analysis of the social structure and territorial organization of Iberian societies. The present research is especially directed to the archaeological analysis of mountain landscapes as a way of analyzing areas of great potential for the study of Mediterranean connectivity, formed upon the continuous interaction between a sea conducive to communication and the fragmented and heterogeneous microregions that surround it. We thus proceed towards an assessment of both the process of constant connections that constitutes the ancient Mediterranean, and the heterogeneity as a real possibility of the historical trajectories of their societies.


Dept. of Archaeology and Social Processes

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