Juan Manuel
Vicent García

Investigador Científico de OPIS
Dept. of Archaeology and Social Processes
Social and Economic Prehistory
916022502 / Extensión interna: 441297

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Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D.: Prehistory and Archaeology (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 1989). Since 1990 is Permanent Researcher at the Insitute of History (Center of Human and Social Sciences, CSIC) in Madrid. Since 2007 is P.I. of the research group “Social and Economic Prehistory”. He has worked in the fields of Theoretical Archaeology and Social Theory Applied to Archaeology within the theoretical tradition of historical materialism. His practice has focused on archaeological societies of late prehistory (Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze Age) in Iberia and Western Mediterranean, as well as their comparative correlates in other parts of the world (Eurasian Steppes, The Americas and Pacific). He has directed and participated in research projects along these lines in Spain, Russia and Taiwan.

Other of his fields of interest is archaeological theory and methodology, with particular emphasis in the development of advanced methodologies for Landscape Archaeology (Remote Sensing, GIS, SDI, digital image processing, numerical models), pioneering the introduction in Spain of “landscape Arcaeology” and archaeological applications of remote sensing technologies. He is founder and director  since 1995 of the Laboratory of Remote Sensing and Landscape Archaeology  (LabTel) of the CCHS-CSIC.

His main area of interest in the last decade is rock art. Currently he develops several projects on advanced techniques of documentation of rock art, as well as interpretive approaches of post-Palaeolithic rock art from the perspective of Landscape Archaeology. Since 1991 heads the project of electronic publication of the archaeological documentary archives of the CSIC, including the “Corpus of Levantine Rock Art” (http://www.prehistoria.ih.csic.es/AAR/menu). Invited member of the International Rock Art Archive Working Group. UNESCO World Heritage Centre (2010-present day)

Specialization field
Social and Economic Prehistory

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