American Studies Group (GEA)

Researcher in charge: Marta Irurozqui Victoriano



Interdisciplinary research group that articulates Latin American studies through four basic lines:

a) State, Citizenship, Political Culture, Violence
b) Migrations and social movements  
c) Science and Culture,
d) Intelectual Elites


- Elaborating and spreading innovative and quality knowledge on politic and social problematic in Latin America through a comparative and historical analysis, via research programs and projects.
- Maintaining and promoting The “Seminarios Americanistas”, Workshops and other International Seminars and Meetings as spaces for discussion that could accommodate national and foreign researchers. 
- Strengthening the internationalisation of the group through the increase and reinforce of the linkages with various European and American research groups.
- Continuing consultancy works for Public Organizations and our participation in project appraisal and publications committees, at national and international levels.


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